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  • Supports Longer Staying Power*
  • Improves Sexual Health*
  • Enhances Performance & Recovery*

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70% of men run into issues



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Short sexual intercourse

Bad physical shape

Health Sutra MAX X you'll be a hero

  • The substance VKSSA included in the composition impedes the development of phosphodiesterases fermentation, which blocks bloodflow to the penis
  • Penis muscles relax
  • Blood instantly enters it, provoking an erection right after excitement

changes as soon as the first capsule is taken

strong health

Improves testosterone production. Preserves muscular strength at any age

Stimulates the functioning of the adrenals for intensified testosterone production - the engine for all body processes. The product helps:

  • Reduce cholesterol levels
  • Strengthen the muscles
  • Normalize weight
  • Raise libido


Health Sutra MAX X

Instant expansion technology delivers active components right to the penis, allowing it to get as big as possible

  • excitement Extraction of nitrogen oxide (NO) 1
  • relaxation of the penis muscles Production of the substance guanosine 2
  • fills the penis with blood Cyclic monophosphate guanosine synthesis (CMGS) 3
  • instant erection Expansion of the veins for blood flow 4

Want powerful erections?

Then order MAX X

Health Sutra MAX X

Health Sutra MAX X

natural components for male strength


The components are gathered for complex influence on the body. Health Sutra MAX X strengthens potency and rejuvenates.

Vidarikanda Extract

Kaunch Beej Extract

Pramotes production of healthy semen & improves performance during sexual activity.

Promotes feeling of enjoyment & motivation.

Shilajit Extract

Safed musli Extract

Increase energy & stamina.

Increasing sperm count.

Ashwagandha Extract

Increase endurance & boost immunity.

get the power of the Ayurveda with Health Sutra MAX X

  • Quick arousal in any situation
  • Extend sex time by 2 hours
  • by 4 times better emotions from sex for both partners
  • More energy for personal victories in your life

Try the strongest orgasms

Clinically tested

in independent laboratories

Employees of the clinical laboratory of Mumbai have studied the effect of phytotreatment on the male body. The observation took place over 4 weeks while the preparation was taken

89% of men in the focus group noted significant boosts in their desire More than 79% of them stated improved potency

More than 96 people took part in the testing

Patented components:

  • Active substance VKSSA -- a source of nitrogen oxide for treating erectile dysfunction.01
  • The combination of VKSSA inhibitors (Vidarikanda Extract, Kaunch Beej Extract, Shilajit Extract, Safed musli Extract and Ashwagandha Extract) exponentially boost the preparation's effectiveness when treating erectile dysfunction. 02

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₹ 4,980.00

₹ 2,490.00

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